Boost your ecommerce sales with our technical SEO services

Struggling to drive traffic and conversions for your ecommerce store? Our technical SEO services are designed to optimize your site architecture, speed, and content specifically for ranking higher and selling more online.

Implementing technical SEO best practices is crucial for ecommerce businesses looking to drive qualified traffic, leads, and sales. As an experienced ecommerce SEO agency, we offer comprehensive technical SEO services tailored specifically for online retail websites.

Our technical SEO strategies focus on optimizing your site’s backend architecture, speed, accessibility, and more to maximize visibility and performance in search results. With our hands-on technical audits, implementation, and ongoing optimization, we can help optimize your ecommerce site for search engines and visitors.

Benefits of our ecommerce technical SEO services

  • Increased organic search visibility – By optimizing technical elements Google cares about, we can improve your site’s ability to rank for valuable ecommerce keywords.
  • Faster site speeds – Optimizing page size, image compression, caching, and more can dramatically improve site speed and user experience. Fast sites are rewarded by Google.
  • Improved conversions – Technical fixes that make your site more accessible, user-friendly, and seamless can boost on-site engagement and sales.
  • Future-proofing – Staying updated on the latest technical SEO best practices will keep your site compliant as algorithms evolve.
  • Cost-effectiveness – We are competitively priced for the value we provide.

Our three-phase technical SEO approach

We take a holistic, process-driven approach to technical SEO audits and optimization for ecommerce sites.

Technical SEO audit

  • Crawl site to identify indexation or accessibility issues
  • Analyze page speed and performance
  • Assess website security and platform health
  • Review internal site search and site architecture
  • Check for duplicate content or canonical errors


  • Fix technical bugs and errors based on audit findings
  • Improve page speed through image/file compression, minification, caching, etc.
  • Optimize site architecture and navigation for SEO
  • Clean up duplicate content issues
  • Implement fixes to maximize indexing and crawl efficiency

Ongoing optimization and monitoring

  • Continually monitor site performance using analytics
  • Keep up with Google’s algorithm updates
  • Regularly optimize pages for speed and core web vitals
  • Scale site architecture and features to manage growth
  • Update content to stay relevant in SERPs

Why choose us for your ecommerce technical SEO?

As a leading ecommerce digital marketing agency, we have extensive experience optimizing complex retail websites for organic search success. Our dedicated technical SEO team provides:

  • Deep expertise in ecommerce SEO specifically
  • Technical audits tailored for retail and DTC sites
  • Proven technical SEO strategies to increase organic traffic
  • Hands-on implementation based on in-depth audits
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and optimization
  • Competitive insights to stay ahead in SERPs

Don’t leave organic traffic and revenue on the table due to technical issues. Contact us today for a free assessment of your ecommerce site’s technical SEO! Our experts can identify opportunities to optimize your online store for greater visibility, higher conversions, and sustainable growth.

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