Attract high-intent shoppers: Keyword research that fuels conversions

Drowning in a sea of generic keywords that fail to deliver results? Struggling to attract the right audience and convert website visitors into paying customers? You’re not alone. Traditional keyword research often misses the mark, leaving ecommerce businesses with irrelevant traffic and stagnant sales.

I take a different approach. My name is Daniel Lee, and I have more than 14 years of SEO experience. I believe in human-centric SEO research, a data-driven process that goes beyond just keywords. I uncover the intent behind searches, understand your target audience, and craft a comprehensive keyword strategy that drives high-quality traffic, boosts conversions, and fuels sustainable growth.

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Identifying strategic keywords for your marketing funnel

One of the most important aspects of keyword research is understanding how different keywords fit into your overall marketing funnel. I’ll work with you to identify the various stages of your customer journey, from initial awareness to final purchase decision.

For each stage, we’ll uncover relevant keywords that align with your customers’ intent and your business goals. For example, top-of-funnel keywords might focus on informational queries, while bottom-of-funnel keywords target high-intent transactional searches. By mapping keywords to specific stages of your funnel, we can create a strategic content plan that guides prospects through the buying process and maximizes conversions.

Uncovering competitor keywords and opportunities

Knowing what keywords your competitors are targeting can provide valuable insights into their strategies and help you identify untapped opportunities. Using advanced tools and manual research techniques, I’ll compile a list of your top competitors in the ecommerce space.

For each competitor, I’ll analyze their website content, metadata, and backlink profile to identify the primary keywords they’re targeting. By comparing competitor keywords to your own target list, we can uncover gaps in your strategy and identify high-value opportunities to pursue.


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Building a data-driven keyword strategy

Armed with insights from competitor analysis and your own business goals, I’ll help you build a comprehensive, data-driven keyword strategy. I’ll conduct in-depth keyword research to identify a broad list of relevant terms and phrases for your ecommerce business.

Using factors like search volume, competition level, and commercial intent, I’ll prioritize this list to focus on the keywords that offer the greatest potential impact. Finally, I’ll provide recommendations on how to integrate these keywords into your website content, product pages, and overall marketing strategy.

Tracking your keyword performance

Keyword research is an ongoing process, and it’s critical to continuously monitor your performance and make data-driven adjustments to your strategy. That’s where I can help. I’ll establish a baseline of your current keyword rankings, using tools like Google Search Console and Semrush.

On a regular basis, I’ll provide detailed reports showcasing your progress, identifying areas of improvement, and highlighting new keyword opportunities. By constantly monitoring your performance and adapting your strategy, we can ensure that your ecommerce SEO efforts are driving meaningful traffic, engagement, and sales.

Why you need keyword research

Here are a few key reasons why keyword research is essential to your SEO success:

  1. Keyword research helps you identify the terms and phrases your target audience is using to search for products or services like yours. By understanding their language and intent, you can better align your content with their needs.
  2. Targeting the right keywords allows you to attract qualified traffic to your website. Instead of relying on broad, generic terms, you can focus on specific, relevant keywords that are more likely to convert visitors into customers.
  3. Proper keyword research also provides valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies. By analyzing the keywords they target, you can identify opportunities to differentiate yourself and gain a competitive edge in your market.
SEMrush Certified Agency Partner

I am a Semrush Certified Agency Partner

I am proud to be a Certified Agency Partner with Semrush. This certification showcases my expertise and proficiency in utilizing Semrush’s powerful tools to deliver exceptional SEO results for my ecommerce clients. By combining my deep understanding and experience of ecommerce SEO with Semrush’s advanced features, I am well-equipped to help my clients outrank their competitors, maximize online visibility, and drive sustainable growth.

What people say about me

Dan is a versatile marketing specialist with a proven track record of enhancing a business’s digital footprint and was the go to for advice on SEO at the firm. He’s strategic, commercially minded, and a great team player.

Rachel Francis
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Dan is a fantastic person to work with on digital projects. He’s always thinking of new ideas to solve problems, and was very helpful with my professional development in SEO when we worked together.

Daniel Cody
Evening Standard
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Knowledgeable, trustworthy, patient, helpful … For any online work, look no further … My company genuinely believe we have struck gold.

Georgia Stylianou
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Delivered consultancy to improve our site SEO, improve search terms and make recommendations for general website performance. All of which were extremely useful … a pleasure to work with.

Alanna Clear
Parent Infant Foundation
Source: Google Reviews
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