Unlock your growth potential with comprehensive ecommerce keyword research services

Our specialized ecommerce keyword research uncovers the best terms to target to get found by your customers. Leverage our proven methodology and premium tools to expand your reach, gain market share, and maximize online sales.

Ecommerce success depends on visibility. If potential customers can’t find your online store, they can’t buy from you. This is where targeted ecommerce keyword research becomes critical.

As an ecommerce business, you need to identify the terms and phrases your potential customers are searching for so you can optimize your site and content accordingly. But conducting thorough keyword research takes time, expertise, and the right tools.

That’s where our ecommerce keyword research services come in.

With our proven methodology and industry-leading tools, we uncover the best keywords to target in your ecommerce niche. We go beyond just generating a list of keywords to provide actionable data you can use to drive real growth.

Here’s what you get with our comprehensive ecommerce keyword research:

Accurate keyword volume data

Keyword search volume is one of the most important metrics to consider when optimizing for search. But free keyword research tools rarely provide accurate monthly search volume data.

We leverage premium data sources to find true keyword search volume so you know which terms are worth targeting. You get precise search volume metrics for both head terms and long-tail variants.

Targeted keyword opportunities

Finding more keywords to target is great, but they need to be relevant to your business. Our research focuses on uncovering untapped, high-value keyword opportunities specifically tailored to your ecommerce niche and audience.

We find keywords your competitors may be missing so you can gain an edge. Our research ensures you focus your efforts on terms that align with your products, brand, and customers.

Keyword gap analysis

Understanding how your top competitors are ranking for target keywords is key. Our reports include a keyword gap analysis so you can see:

  • Which keywords your competitors rank highly for
  • Keyword opportunities where you can surpass competitors
  • Terms you rank highly for and should double down on

With this data, you’ll know which keywords present the most lucrative growth opportunities to own the first page.

Search intent analysis

Keywords with high volumes may not actually drive quality traffic and conversions if the user intent doesn’t match your offerings. Our research dives into search intent so you can see:

  • The type of searches being conducted for each keyword (informational, transactional, commercial, navigational)
  • Where in the customer journey the keyword indicates the searcher is
  • Which keywords align with your business goals

With search intent insights, you can refine your keyword list to focus on terms that attract qualified, conversion-ready prospects. This leads to higher ROI from your optimization and paid advertising efforts.

Ongoing tracking and optimization

Keyword research only provides value if you act on the insights. We provide straightforward recommendations to optimize target keywords across:

  • Page titles and meta descriptions
  • Content and blogs
  • Product categories and tags
  • Site navigation and architecture

And with our performance reporting service, we can track your keyword rankings over time and provide optimization advice to ensure you’re making incremental gains.

With our ongoing tracking and recommendations, we help convert keyword research from theory to tangible ecommerce growth.

A trusted resource for ecommerce leaders

We are specialists in ecommerce SEO and have conducted keyword research and optimization for some of the top brands.

Our dedicated ecommerce focus means we understand the unique needs for DTC brands and retail.

We have proven methodologies to uncover the right keyword opportunities and enable long-term organic visibility for ecommerce sites. But keyword research is just one piece of the puzzle.

A full suite of services to increase your ecommerce growth

While keyword research lays the foundation, successful ecommerce SEO requires an integrated strategy across:

  • Technical site audits
  • Content optimization
  • Link building
  • Local SEO for physical retail stores
  • Marketplace (Amazon, Walmart) channel optimization

Our team specializes in each of these areas to drive more visibility, traffic, and sales across your entire ecommerce operation.

Get started with a free ecommerce SEO audit

Ready to unlock your ecommerce growth potential? Request a free four-page ecommerce SEO audit report. Our team will analyze your site to showcase the kinds of insights you’ll get from our full SEO audit.

You’ll see firsthand how our research can help expand your reach, gain market share, and maximize your online sales. There’s no risk or obligation, so request your free audit today.

Together, we’ll build the keyword research foundation to outrank your competitors and take your ecommerce business to new heights.

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