Grow your online store with an ecommerce digital marketing agency focused on your audience

Looking to boost your ecommerce sales and revenue online? As an innovative ecommerce marketer, I specialize in human-centric SEO and content marketing strategies proven to grow online sales.

Some of the amazing brands I have worked with

Ecommerce stores need more than just good SEO and content marketing; they need strategies that really understand and connect with their customers. As an expert in ecommerce SEO and content, I focus on helping your brand stand out, bringing more visitors to your site, and increasing your sales through marketing that truly speaks to people.

My method goes beyond just making your site rank higher and getting more clicks. I create personalized SEO and content strategies that not only boost your online visibility but also strike a chord with your audience. No matter if you’re using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or a custom platform, I tailor my services to fit the unique needs and interests of your customers.

Growing your ecommerce store with SEO focused on your customers

You need SEO that does more than just get you to the top of search results – it needs to resonate with your audience. My ecommerce SEO methods include:

  • Technical SEO: I check your website for any technical issues that could be turning visitors away or stopping search engines from showing your site. Fixing these helps make your online store more welcoming and easier to find.
  • On-page content optimization: I make sure your website’s content, URLs, and media not only look good to search engines but are also interesting and engaging for your visitors, making them more likely to stick around and click through.
  • Link building: I help your site get quality links from websites that matter in your industry, which helps search engines see you as a trusted authority in your market.
  • User experience: I audit the experience of your visitors on your site to improve engagement.

Turning visitors into customers with content that connects

My content strategy is all about creating amazing content that your audience will find valuable and engaging:

  • Getting to know your audience: I start by researching to understand exactly who your customers are, what they need, and what they’re worried about. This helps me create content that they’ll really care about.
  • Informative content: I write blogs, guides, and other resources that help establish your site as a go-to place for helpful information, building trust with your audience.
  • Better product pages: I make your product pages not just clearer and more SEO-friendly but also more helpful and interesting to your customers.

Proven success in ecommerce SEO and content

I have a strong track record in the B2C sector, helping sites achieve:

  • Top rankings for important keywords
  • More organic traffic
  • Increased sales and better conversion rates
  • Higher overall revenue

Get started with a free ecommerce SEO audit

If you’re ready to improve your ecommerce site’s organic visibility and connect better with your customers, let’s start with a live 30-minute SEO audit of your store. I’ll look at your current SEO and content to find what’s working and where there’s room to grow.

After my initial review, if you decide to work with me, I’ll put together a detailed audit and a strategic marketing plan that fits your brand, products, and goals perfectly. Contact me today to begin with a free ecommerce SEO audit and consultation.


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SEMrush Certified Agency Partner

I am a Semrush Certified Agency Partner

I am proud to be a Certified Agency Partner with Semrush. This certification showcases my expertise and proficiency in utilizing Semrush’s powerful tools to deliver exceptional SEO results for my ecommerce clients. By combining my deep understanding and experience of ecommerce SEO with Semrush’s advanced features, I am well-equipped to help my clients outrank their competitors, maximize online visibility, and drive sustainable growth.

What people say about me

Dan is a versatile marketing specialist with a proven track record of enhancing a business’s digital footprint and was the go to for advice on SEO at the firm. He’s strategic, commercially minded, and a great team player.

Rachel Francis
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Dan is a fantastic person to work with on digital projects. He’s always thinking of new ideas to solve problems, and was very helpful with my professional development in SEO when we worked together.

Daniel Cody
Evening Standard
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Knowledgeable, trustworthy, patient, helpful … For any online work, look no further … My company genuinely believe we have struck gold.

Georgia Stylianou
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Delivered consultancy to improve our site SEO, improve search terms and make recommendations for general website performance. All of which were extremely useful … a pleasure to work with.

Alanna Clear
Parent Infant Foundation
Source: Google Reviews
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