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We’ll analyze a product page on your site and give you our expert evaluation of:

  • Content optimization
  • Site architecture
  • Technical factors

You’ll get a PDF report with high-level recommendations to improve organic visibility. Consider it a “mini audit” that identifies your biggest SEO opportunities for the product page we analyze.

While not as comprehensive as a full site audit, our audit provides tremendous value at no cost. You’ll learn what issues may be holding your store back from higher rankings and organic traffic.

Read on to learn more about what’s included, who we are, and how to claim your free mini ecommerce SEO audit.

What our free SEO audit includes

We designed our free audit to quickly assess your site’s high-level SEO health. Here’s what we’ll cover in our short analysis:

Content optimization check

For your product page, we’ll evaluate:

  • Title tag optimization
  • Header tag structure
  • Meta description relevance
  • Image alt text usage
  • Content length and depth

This on-page content analysis will reveal optimization strengths and weaknesses so you can improve pages for higher rankings.

Site architecture overview

Next, we’ll provide a high-level review of your site’s architecture and internal link structure flow. This includes:

  • XML Sitemap
  • URL structure
  • Crawlability issues

While not a full ecommerce SEO audit, we’ll assess if the site architecture is configured properly for search bots.

Technical factors summary

Finally, we’ll examine key technical factors like:

  • Page speed benchmarks
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Proper HTTPS setup

Our free SEO audit identifies any technical problems that may be limiting organic visibility for the page we assess.

You’ll get a short email report summarizing our key findings and outlining areas to focus your optimization efforts.

About Emiquent

Emiquent is an ecommerce SEO agency that helps brands increase organic visibility, traffic, and sales.

We specialize in:

  • Ecommerce SEO audits
  • Ongoing optimization for long-term rankings
  • Keyword research and expansion framework
  • Converting searchers into customers
  • Technical SEO solutions

Our team combines analytics rigor with creative marketing to achieve results. We keep up with constant search algorithm changes so your store stays ahead.