Technical content marketing explained

Often in marketing, you are told to focus on how your products and services will benefit your customers. This approach seems to make perfect sense, but there are times when your audience is not looking for a wonderfully crafted piece of copy. Instead, they want facts and figures. In this situation, technical content is what you need.

What is technical content marketing?

Technical content marketing is the use of specifications, features and other technical content to promote to or communicate with a target audience. Technical content will often contain jargon and industry terms.

Who is technical content for?

You should create technical content for members of your target audience who will tend to have above-average expertise of your products and services. For example, somebody looking to buy a high-end gaming laptop likely has some technical knowledge on which specifications are likely to give the best performance. For this type of customer, ‘fluffy’ marketing language is not expected to be that compelling. Instead, a knowledgeable customer will want to know the specifications of the processor, how much RAM there is, and the installed graphics card.

Technical content can also be a great form of SEO content.

Examples of technical marketing content

Technical content does not have to be a table of product specifications. Technical marketing content can include the following:


How-to guides and tutorials containing technical information can be popular pieces of content. Tutorial articles can also be repurposed into video content and uploaded to sites such as YouTube.

You will want to make sure that the technical level of your tutorial content is appropriate for your audience. Your target audience may have above-average knowledge of your products and services, but if you create the content as though it is for a PhD in your sector, then you will likely see less engagement.

Troubleshooting content

Another excellent example of technical marketing is troubleshooting content. Not only is troubleshooting content good for customer experience, but you will likely acquire organic search traffic due to people querying how to resolve problems with their purchases.

Specifications and features

Include your product specifications and features on your product pages. Doing this is a must for consumer electronics, where your customers are likely to compare different products on technical specs or the inclusion of particular features.

Product demos

Providing a demonstration of your product or services features can be highly engaging technical content. For physical products, this could come in the form of a video demonstration of the product in use. For high-value software products, a sales representative could provide prospects with a demo of the software in use, while explaining all the relevant technical features.

Do not forget the core principles of marketing

Even though technical content marketing may be a little different from much of the content marketing you will see, you must not forget the core principles of marketing. Make sure that you understand your target audience, that you have identified their pain points and that you are providing them with value.

Wrapping up

You should now have a much better understanding of what technical content is and how you can use it in your marketing campaigns.

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