The values that I work and live by to ensure ethical business practices

I run my business the way I treat others in my personal life. The following are the values that I run Emiquent by:

  • Honesty – I value being open and honest with clients about my work and my clients’ honesty about their expectations. For me, honesty also includes transparency, and so I want to be as transparent as possible with my process.
  • Accountability – It is important to me that my clients and I are accountable for what is agreed upon. In practice, that means I am accountable for what is delivered and that my clients are accountable for anything that needs to be actioned on their side.
  • Creativity – I love data. It can provide amazing insights or confirm assumptions. However, I believe many winning strategies are found through human creativity and intuition. I strive to use my creative side to develop ideas that will truly move the needle for my clients.
  • Strategic – I want to be strategic in my work for clients. What that means is understanding my clients’ strengths, weaknesses, resources, and limitations and comparing that to the market to understand where they can outperform their competition. In fact, can I position it so that they do not even have any competition…
  • Simplicity – I’m sure you have met people who love to make their work sound as technical and as complicated as possible. While SEO and marketing can become very technical and complicated, that is not how I want to communicate with my clients. I want to make things easy to understand so that we can talk about the things that matter, not have everyone’s head spinning from techie jargon.