I have a better way for Shopify stores to build awareness, grow traffic, and drive sales

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle all of the different tasks needed to grow your organic traffic? Let me help you with my human-centric approach to ecommerce Shopify SEO.

My name is Daniel Lee, and I have more than fourteen years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. In that time, I have helped businesses drive millions in incremental revenue. Get started by booking a free analysis of your SEO by clicking the button below.

Your ecommerce success is my mission

I am on a mission to help 10,000 ecommerce stores become successful, profitable businesses. In this process, I want to grow Emiquent into the leading ecommerce SEO agency in English and Spanish-speaking markets. Choose me to be a part of your story today.

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Consumer-focused SEO

Get ahead with my human-centred approach, creating ecommerce SEO strategies that align with what search engines are really looking for – to provide their users with great search results.

Industry-specific expertise

Discover key insights with my ecommerce SEO services tailored for the DTC and retail ecommerce sectors, helping boost organic search sales for your ecommerce website.

Long-term growth focus

More than just quick wins, I build adaptable SEO and content strategies for lasting success, moving your brand forward in a competitive market.

Some of the amazing brands I have worked with

Not Your Mother's
Carphone Warehouse
Disneyland Paris
Historic Royal Palaces


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International Expertise

I know - SEO is tough

Having fourteen years of experience in search engine optimization, I know that ecommerce SEO can seem like a real pain at times. No matter what you do, you just don’t seem to be getting the results you want. Your organic impressions seem to be flat, your on-page optimization isn’t budging your rankings, and traffic from your keywords doesn’t seem to be converting. At Emiquent, I wanted to take a different approach to solving these problems for my clients.

Search engines care about user experience

It has become apparent in recent years that engagement and user experience signals are some of, if not the, most important determinants of organic search performance. And it makes sense. Search engines, like Google and Bing, want their users to find great search results so that they don’t go off and find alternative ways to discover content. So what have I created to address this?

SEO + UX + CRO = Success 🙂

My approach to organic search is this: drive more meaningful traffic that will convert into customers by combining traditional SEO with user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Why UX and CRO? Well, because great UX and CRO are underpinned by proven consumer psychology. Using these psychological insights, I aim to better understand your audience so that we can target more relevant keywords, create more engaging content, and so that you present your products in the best possible way to make a sale.

SEMrush Certified Agency Partner
Shopify Partners

I am a SEMrush Certified Agency Partner and Shopify Partner

I am proud to be a Semrush Certified Agency Partner and a Shopify Partner.

The Semrush certification showcases my expertise and proficiency in utilizing Semrush’s powerful tools to deliver exceptional SEO results for my ecommerce clients. By combining my deep understanding and experience of ecommerce SEO with Semrush’s advanced features, I am well-equipped to help my clients outrank their competitors, maximize online visibility, and drive sustainable growth.

As a Shopify Partner, I leverage my extensive knowledge of the Shopify platform to optimize online stores, enhance user experience, and boost sales performance.

My dual partnerships with Semrush and Shopify enable me to provide comprehensive and effective ecommerce solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

What people say about me

Dan is a versatile marketing specialist with a proven track record of enhancing a business’s digital footprint and was the go to for advice on SEO at the firm. He’s strategic, commercially minded, and a great team player.

Rachel Francis
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Dan is a fantastic person to work with on digital projects. He’s always thinking of new ideas to solve problems, and was very helpful with my professional development in SEO when we worked together.

Daniel Cody
Evening Standard
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Knowledgeable, trustworthy, patient, helpful … For any online work, look no further … My company genuinely believe we have struck gold.

Georgia Stylianou
Source: LinkedIn Recommendations

Delivered consultancy to improve our site SEO, improve search terms and make recommendations for general website performance. All of which were extremely useful … a pleasure to work with.

Alanna Clear
Parent Infant Foundation
Source: Google Reviews

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